Meet Our Autumn/Winter Model!

Mahogany Wade, 22, Little Rock, AR

Each Darling Louise seasonal lookbook we will select 1-2 models to featured. If you are interested please contact us here for details:

Mahogany is a unique beauty that you just can’t take your eyes off of—a true vintage darling. We had so much fun shooting with her in the Natural State for our Autumn/Winter Vintage Lookbook!

Here’s her story:

“I’m a girl from Arkansas looking to make something out of myself and trying to live life regret free so I can look back and appreciate and have pride in the past. My whole life has been submerged in things that have come before me. My mother, grandmother, and father raised me on stories and especially music that came before me, and also showed me the beauty in looking back at what was, and taking the good from them with you in the today. Being in vintage clothing makes me feel in an indescribable way. I almost get to time travel and transform into someone else at the same time, while still being the current me. I also am a huge fan of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder and love seeing vintage clothing pieces that remind me of them. It makes me feel closer to them in their primes when I wasn’t around to witness it, which is also a reason I collect their vinyls and vintage merchandise. Half of my clothing is also thrifted so I do feel very much comfortable in clothing that already has history to it. I love it, actually. Everything, no matter how large are small, whether it’s my idols or clothing that was loved so dearly, has a legacy that deserves second, third, and so on, chances.”

—Mahogany Wade, Model, Eye Model Management

Nina Robinson